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Time Management System
Time Management System
The most refined and advanced Desktop and Web Based application developed for the cooperate level. The whole system controls with user's thumb expression. All rights are authorized to the Administrator.

What administrator of TMS can do ?
  • Administrator can manage the departments and designations under the particular departments.
  • Can manage emloyees information under particual department and designation.
  • Various policies are available like Leaves (Casual, Sick and Annual), Unusual Off Days.
  • Can assign leaves to employees under particualr criteria.
  • A manual attendence system available at administrator of site, incase a thumb scanning machine not able to mark an attendence.
  • Other than that all types of reporting that a management of atleast all companies need for the salary calculation and decision making.
  • A complete payroll system attached to calculate the sallery of employees at minimal time framework and with no hard work.
The Eye-catching feature in Time Management System (TMS).
  • TMS is developed to use and manage easily.
  • The attendence is marked with the thumb scanning maching that makes 0% chances of proxy.
  • Emaployee sallery calculation at minimal time framework.
  • All types of reports also available online for the higher management, viewable anywhere anytime using the internet.
  • Various Automated Generated Reports send through email on weekly basis to the respective departments for any correction needed.
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