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The focus and intellectual efforts of many organizations are directed towards building a new system to overcome business problems or needs, nevertheless they sometime forget the equally large support costs.“Spending on operations usually takes up over half the total IT budget, with much of the money going to support and maintenance.” (Gartner 23rd December 2006). If you are not ready to move your development projects offshore, you can certainly move to the application support service.

For many organizations, once an application has been completed, the original development personnel are released onto new projects. In fact, often as the application enters the testing phase, the development team is gradually reduced. Application support in the west is often not seen as rewarding and staff retention rate for those handling this role is low. This is not true for our offshore developers. They are grateful to be working on systems that have been produced in the west and enjoy improving them. The first line of call for a customer support query can either be on the customer’s site or at one of our affiliated offshore centers. The main difference is cost. If onsite either the customer or 6EYE operates an internal help desk.

For offshore support 6eye Solutions offers the services through the website or through email. 6EYE also maintains a team of offshore support analysts and developers to handle second and third line support. Depending on the size and scale of the application 6EYE can maintain a permanent team dedicated for the support contract. Typically, by using Application maintenance service offered by 6EYE, there is an overall cost reduction. The startup cost and training time required for the support analysts is also reduced.
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